My goal is to guide to the path you're meant to be on.


Sometimes we have the answers within ourselves but are unable to unlock them. They become clouded with negative energy or confusion on a spiritual level. I am able to connect with you spiritually and bring out those answers and guide you toward where you're meant to be. Questions about love? I will guide you toward your soulmate and let you know of any potential roadblocks along the way. Feeling out of luck with money or career path? I can show you the direction you need to be on, and if necessary help bring the luck and good energy back into your life. I've also helped many connect with loved ones who have passed on with medium readings or banished negative spirits who may be surrounding them unwanted. I can help you , just contact me to give you the clarity you're wanting.

A few words about us

What we're here to do

Palm - Tarot - Psychic Readings

I am a 3rd generation psychic reader specializing in love and relationships.


Readings By Sophia is located in Houston Texas. I do Palm, Tarot and Psychic readings which will pick up on all that you may want to know. Past, Present and future. Love, career, finances and family. My readings tap into your deepest feelings and questions and can pinpoint any changes meant to come for you in the future. I've reunited lovers and guided many to their true soulmate. I've also helped connect people with their true potential in life and have unlocked spiritual abilities previously unknown. Come see me today, I have the answers you've been searching for.